Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What do boy's want?

I wonder whether or not pornography is a genre of money/speech.  On that theme I note the following juxtaposition in the NYT today April 14, 2009.  Front page: What do Boys Want? She Digs into the Minds and Closet to See.  This is an article about Kelly Pena's research on 12 year old boys for Disney.  Turn Page to A 18: Obituary: Marilyn Chambers, 56, Sex Star Dies.  Quote from the Obit: "Behind the Green Door" was more than just a parade of sex scenes, said Steven Hirsch, the co-chief executive of Vidid Entertainment Group, which makes adult films,  Even thought MS. Chambers did not actually have any lines in the film, he said, she brought it to life." What was the question again? 


  1. Maybe it all depends on what the meaning of 'it' is ("she brought 'it' to life"). I would think money/speech pretty much began with pornography or something like it (depends on what you definition of 'speech [act]' is?) -- Greg S

  2. I was wondering about the it, too. A possible definition of money/speech is A monetized speech act (thinking that right now my blog does not count as money/speech, but, if I hit the monetize button and accept ads, then it is money/speech.) My original example is a campaign contribution which was justified mostly on the basis of political expression/advocacy in the form of a donation/expenditure. Lobbying and advertisements count, I think. Just thinking out loud.