Thursday, January 13, 2011

Let's Try this Again: Money/Speech

I am teaching a graduate class this semester that explores how to describe the conjuncture/context of contemporary rhetorical politics. One theme is the possibility that we live in a post-political conjuncture and what that might mean for those that imagine rhetoric as primarily a discourse of and for the political. The first day of class will be next Friday Jan 21st. Besides the normal syllabus stuff, I will begin a discussion of Citizens United vs FEC. What does it mean that political rhetoric is a practice that one needs to finance? And how does that financing become free speech? The original purpose of this blog was to explore what happens when rhetoric and money are fused into new configurations/articulations I called Money/Speech(file attached). I have failed to use this blog to push my thinking. With my impending class, I hope to change that situation. So, if you decide to read along, look for at least one new post on Thursday evening (the class is on Friday afternoons). I will try to highlight my topic (and provide a reading) one week in advance of my post.

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